72st  Annual  Exhibition  2014        

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Awards 2014

                             AUDUBON ARTISTS JURORS AWARDS  
                                     Online Annual Exhibition 2014 

AQUAMEDIA AWARDS                                                                                                      


Audubon Artists Gold Medal  of Honor      $ 500 & Medal

 Name:     YU, SAN-SAN    Title: “Chrysler Building in the Misty Night"


Audubon Artists Silver Medal of Honor      $ 300 & Medal

 Name: MADSEN, KRISTIE. Title: “African Heron Mantles Cichlids"


Marquis Who’s Who In American Art References Award 2014         $ 300 Value

 Name:  PREEDE, NYDIA Title: “Fine"


Honorary John M Angelini Award in Watercolor     $ 500

 Name: ANASTASIA, SUSANNA  Title: “Yellow Butterfly" 


Honorary Marion Andrews Memorial Award in Aquamedia   $250

 Name:  LIAO, FRANK ZHI FANG Title: “White Wisteria"


Hella Bailin Honorary Memorial Award for Impressionistic   $ 250  
 Landscape or Figurative Watercolor

 Name:  GLOBUS, RANDY Title: “Shelfies"


Dick Blick Art Materials Award  $ 250 value 

 Name:  BACH, DEL-BOURREE Title: “Coney Island Shadows"


Winsor & Newton Art Materials Award   $ 225 Value

 Name: ANDERSON, WILMER Title: “Cascade"

Frank Webb Award in Aquamedia  $ 200 

 Name:  BURCHFIELD, DIANA Title: “Recollection"

Karl & Helen Burger Memorial Award in Aquamedia  $ 200 

 Name:  BUDD, LISA Title: “Into the Night"


Jack Richeson & Co. Gold Brush Award in Aquamedia  $ 100  Certificate

 Name:  LI, WEIMIN Title: “Proud Bone in the Fading Sun"

 COLLAGE & MIXED MEDIA  AWARDS                                                                                    


Audubon Artists Gold Medal of Honor  $ 500 & Medal

 Name:  CHOLAKOVA, ZLATINA Title: “The Silver Cord"


Audubon Artists Silver Medal of Honor  $ 300 & Medal

 Name:  POSTAL, GAIL Title: “Henry"


Marquis Who’s Who In American Art References Award 2014     $ 300 Value

 Name: CULVER, VICKY  Title: “One's Point of View"


Michael Engel Audubon Artists Founders Award     $300

 Name:  PRICE, ELLEN Title: “Shattered Chaos"


The Jeffery Berman Director’s Award in Collage or Mixed Media   $200

 Name:  FLIEGEL, VIVIAN Title: “Hold That Pose"


 The Vincent Scola Family Award in Collage or Mixed Media     $200

 Name:  ANTONUCCI,JOHN  Title: “Study in White Floral"


The Presidents Award For Innovative Collage / Mixed Media     $200

 Name:  ROJAS, LUIS. Title: “Visions of St. Ann Beaupre"



 GRAPHIC AWARDS                                                                                                                 


 Audubon Artists Gold Medal of Honor         $500 & Medal

 Name:  SINGER, ELLEN NATHAN Title: “Spring on the Upper West Side"


 Audubon Artists Silver Medal of Honor        $300 & Medal

 Name:  NODA, TAKAYO  Title: “Portrait II"


 Marquis Who’s Who In American Art References Award 2014                   $300 Value

 Name: TROMBETTA, ANNAMARIE Title: “Multi Color, Farious, Demensional Hexagon"


 The Old Print Shop Graphics Award                  $300

 Name: WYNNE, PATRICIA Title: “Temple Tiger Triad"


 Giulia Palermo Memorial Award in Graphics       $220

 Name:  TRUEBLOOD, EMILY Title: “Tower at Dusk"

The Gamblin Artists Colors Printmaking Award          $150  Merchandise

 Name: GREEN, BETZ Title: “ Gabrielle the Belly Dancer #1"    


 Jack Richeson & Co. Gold Brush Award     $150 Certificate

 Name: REIMANN, ARLINE Title: “Eyre"


 Art Times Award     $100

 Name: HARRIS, MARIAN SIMS Title: “Peacock Glory"


OILS AWARDS                                                                                                                                        


Audubon Artists Gold Medal of Honor       $ 500 & Medal

 Name: FEINLAND, ROBERT Title: "Studio Interior with Gottlieb Print“, Medium: oil


 Audubon Artists Silver Medal of Honor       $300 & Medal

 Name:  TORAK, ELIZABETH Title: "Into the Woods" , Medium: Oil


 Marquis Who’s Who In American Art References Award 2014             $300 Value

 Name: PEREZ, RICK  Title: “Memories of Old Shanghai", Medium: Oil


Giovanni Martino, NA. Family Award For Landscape In Oils        $300

 Name: KENNON, WILLIAM  Title: “Loading Dock”, Medium: Oil


The National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylics    $300    

 Name: VARGA, VILLO, Title: "In Search of Incredible New York," Medium: Acrylic


Gamblin Artist Color Material Award      $ 260 Value

 Name: TSENG, CAROLIN  Title: “Ocean Lights  ”, Medium: Acrylic


 Alfred and Mary Crimi Award    $300

 Name: STEWARD, ALETA Title:  “ A New Start ”, Medium: Oils


American Artists Professional League for Traditional Realism        $200

 Name:   SULLIVAN, SHAWN   Title: “Strawberries, Canoe & Oranges,"  Medium: Oils


 Katlan Family Award for a City Scene in Oil          $200 

 Name: BUTKOVSKY, JANE KLESH  Title: "NYC Rain Late Afternoon" Medium: Oils


 Jack Richeson & Co. Gold Brush Award          $150Value

 Name: HUTCHINSON, PATRICIA Title: “Cupid”, Medium: Acrylic


Beatrice Jackson Award          $100

 Name: ROBINSON, DONALD Title: “Regatta," Medium: Acrylic


Elaine and James Hewitt Award       $100

Name: LAWLER,  LINDA Title: "Family Tree,"  Medium: Oils



PASTELS  AWARDS                                                                                                                            


Audubon Artists Gold Medal of Honor             $500 & Medal

 Name: MAGNATTA, CAROL,  Title: "Belly Dancer 2"


 Audubon Artists Silver Medal of Honor        $300 & Medal

 Name: HSIEH, MENG LUNG;  Title: "Milk Fish"


 Art Spirit Foundation /Dianne Bernhard Gold Medal      $500 & Medal  

 Name: CHUNG, AI LIN;  Title: "Persimmons"                        


 Art Spirit Foundation/Dianne Bernhard Silver Medal           $300 & Medal

 Name: ISRAEL, KAREN; Title: "Stale Mates"


 Marquis Who’s Who In American Art References  Award 2014       $300 Value

 Name: LAFOGG-DOCHERTY, DEBORAH; Title: "Flying Tiger”


 The Honorary Richard Pionk Memorial Award In Pastel       $300                                            

 Name: YANG, NANCY; Title: "Bountiful VI"


 North America Pastel Artists Association Award         $200

 Name: LO, CORA; Title: "Beetle, My Youth Pet"


 Art Spirit Foundation/Dianne Bernhard Award of Merit           $200

 Name: MASSEY, MARY KATHRYN;  Title: "Peaches and Vase"


 Terry Ludwig Co. Merchandise Award     $125 Certificate

 Name: TANAKA, SAKI; Title: "Woodland Potluck"

Atlantic Papers Materials Award      $100 Certificate

 Name: ROSE, PEGGY; Title: "Curves, No.3"



SCULPTURE AWARDS                                                                                                                    


Audubon Artists Gold Medal of Honor        $500 & Medal

 Medium: Yellow Hartwood

 Name: HANDLER, JANET; Title: "Running"


 Audubon Artists Silver Medal of Honor           $300 & Medal 

 Medium: Wonderstone & Bronze

 Name: SMITH, MARY;  Title: "Original Sin"


The Marion & Gil Roller Memorial Award in Sculpture           $1000  

 Medium: Cast Marble

 Name: SEBEK, MIKLOS;  Title: "Black Origin"

 Marquis Who’s Who In American Art References Award 2014          $300 Value

 Name: PADOVANO, ANTHONY Title: "Abstraction"

 Medium:  Marble


 The Elliot Liskin Memorial Award for Academic or Realistic Sculpture     $400

 Medium: Sculpture/ Wood

 Name: SCATURRO, LARRY;  Title: "Torso in Walnut"


 Merilyn Newmark Memorial Award for Realistic Sculpture     $350

 Medium: Sculpture/ Bronze

 Name: OSTERMILLER, DAN; Title: "Copete"


 The Sulmagundi Art Club Award in Sculpture        $200

 Medium: Sculpture/ Bronze

 Name: HUTTO, LESLIE;  Title: "Two in the Bush"


 Rhoda Sherbell, NA. Prize For Portraiture In Sculpture        $200

 Medium: Sculpture/ Terra Cotta

 Name: SANJINES, SELVA; Title: "Yesenia"